HubSpot Sales Hub set up for engineering, technical and industrial companies

Onboarding guides you through setting up the HubSpot Sales Hub platform with a customised plan that will help you achieve your sales goals faster and more efficiently.

What is HubSpot onboarding?

HubSpot is a powerful platform that needs to be set up and configured correctly to ensure that you get the most out of your investment, get value quickly from it and demonstrate ROI. Sales Hub onboarding, whether its direct from HubSpot or through a Solutions Partner (like us!), includes technical and strategic guidance for setting up and using the platform for success in achieving your sales goals, such as connecting with prospects, automating your sales process, personalising your outreach at scale and reporting on sales efforts.

A typical 60-day onboarding process would include:

Onboarding plan:

  • Collect key business information and logins
  • Set SMART goals
  • Create a roadmap

Account and technical set up:

  • Connect email inboxes
  • Set up personal profiles and settings
  • Invite your team
  • Create custom properties to store your data
  • Import your contacts, companies, deals and notes into HubSpot
  • Review existing CRM and lead management systems
  • Install HubSpot tracking code on your website
  • Set up external system integrations

Connect with prospects on their terms:

  • Set up live chat on your webpages
  • Using conversations to answer your prospects’ questions
  • Connect your email and calendar to use the meetings tool to let prospects book time with you
  • Use email scheduling to send to prospects at their preferred times
  • Email prospects directly from the CRM

Automate your sales process:

  • Creating deal stages to automate pipeline process
  • Adding tasks for sales reps can more efficiently execute daily objectives
  • Automate how leads are rotated to sales reps
  • Confirm the deal stage properties are ready
  • Set up workflow extensions to automate sales processes
  • Explore how other tools integrate with HubSpot

Personalise your outreach at scale:

  • Using 1:1 video creation and outreach to get higher response rates
  • Adding videos to CRM emails
  • Create sequence queues to automatically follow up with prospects so you don’t have to do the manual work
  • Using personalisation tokens in emails to send emails faster
  • Remove back-and-forth communication when setting up meetings by using the meetings tool
  • Set up quotes to get deals closed faster
  • Set up your product library to include items that you sell


  • Determine your next goals

What are the benefits of Sales set up



Direct onboarding can have a waiting time of up to four weeks. We can start in 24 hours.



A plan customised to your business rather than a standard out-of-the-box service.


Industry knowledge

We specialise in industrial and technical sectors, so we know how these businesses operate


Cost effective

Using a partner for onboarding is more cost effective than the direct fee.


Dedicated support

Partner agencies have dedicated support within HubSpot with faster response times.


Free up bandwidth

Direct onboarding requires a significant time commitment - we can do the hard work.

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Fresh is proud to be a HubSpot Gold Solutions Partner as it demonstrates our commitment to delivering inbound strategies to attract, engage and delight to really help businesses in the industrial, technical and manufacturing sectors grow.

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