HubSpot onboarding for engineering, technical and industrial companies

Onboarding guides you through setting up the HubSpot Marketing Hub platform with a customised plan that will help you reach your most important goals and set you up for future success.

What is HubSpot onboarding?

HubSpot is a powerful platform that needs to be set up and configured correctly to ensure that you get the most out of your investment, get value quickly from it and demonstrate ROI. Marketing Hub onboarding is required for all new customers that use the Professional or Enterprise tier. Whether its direct from HubSpot or through a Solutions Partner (like us!), it includes technical and strategic guidance for setting up and using the platform for success in achieving your marketing goals, such as attracting web traffic, lead generation, automation and nurturing.

A typical 90-day onboarding process would include:

Onboarding plan:

  • Collect key business information and logins
  • Set SMART goals
  • Create a timeline

Portal set up:

  • Connecting social platforms, domains, email sending domains
  • Configure branding
  • Create landing page, blog post, blog listing and email templates
  • Set up analytic tools
  • Explore integrations
  • Import contacts and opt-outs
  • Replace website forms

Marketing to sales handoff:

  • Define your sales process and lifecycle stages
  • Create a handoff blueprint
  • Connect your CRM
  • Align marketing and sales teams

Executing quick wins:

  • Review quick win strategies
  • Execute 1-3 quick wins such as email marketing, social publishing, chat bots

Launching an inbound campaign:

  • Define your buyer persona
  • Perform a content audit
  • Identify and set up a campaign
  • Promote campaign content

Reporting for success:

  • Identify which reports are the most important
  • Build a reporting dashboard

What are the benefits of onboarding with a HubSpot partner?


Direct onboarding can have a waiting time of up to four weeks. We can start in 24 hours.


A plan customised to your business rather than a standard out-of-the-box service.

Industry knowledge

We specialise in industrial and technical sectors, so we know how these businesses operate

Cost effective

Using a partner for onboarding is more cost effective than the £2,450 direct fee.

Dedicated support

Partner agencies have dedicated support within HubSpot with faster response times.

Free up bandwidth

Direct onboarding requires a significant time commitment - we can do the hard work.

Get in touch!

If you’re looking to get started with onboarding quickly with a partner that has sector-specific knowledge, then feel free to get in touch.