Inbound sales for engineering, technical and industrial companies

Companies that adopt an inbound sales methodology focus on their prospect’s challenges, provide solutions and adapts their sales process to how prospects buy.

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What is inbound sales?

Inbound sales transform sales to match the way people buy. Inbound sales teams base their entire sales strategy on the buyer rather than the supplier, and the entire sales process is personalised to the buyer’s situation. Transforming to an inbound sales model starts with understanding the way your customers buy your product or service – the buyer’s journey. The buyer’s journey is the active research process someone goes through leading up to a purchase.


During the identify phase, you identify potential buyers who may have a goal or challenge you can help with. These potential buyers become leads.

The connect phase, salespeople connect with leads to help them diagnose their situation and decide whether it is a priority. If a lead decides to prioritise the goal or challenge, they become a qualified lead.

In the explore phase, you explore a qualified lead’s goals and challenges through expert consultation to help them assess whether your offering is a good fit for their context. If it is, they become a sales opportunity.

Finally, the advise phase, where you advise a sales opportunity with helpful solutions that solve their challenges. If they decide your offering is best for their context, they become a customer.

What are the benefits of inbound sales?

Build relationships

Adapting the sales process to the buyer, fosters long-term relationships.

Drive more engagement

By focusing on the buyer and qualified leads, you’ll increase engagement.

Sales and marketing alignment

Bringing together teams to optimise efforts, reduce costs and increase growth.

Be more productive

Automate repetitive tasks to reduce admin and increase productivity.

Increase sales

Using the buyer’s journey to nurture leads to help close them into customers.

Build a scalable process

Equip the entire team with the tools and processes needed to scale and grow.


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Salespeople spend just 1/3 of their time talking to prospects

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